B-Talks by Leen


B-Talks by Leen – Maurits Groen, WakaWaka

Maurits Groen from the company WakaWaka is a Dutch communication advisor, activist and entrepreneur who deals with environmental and development issues. In this podcast Leen Zevenbergen and Maurits Groen will talk about the current crisis and the impact that it has both personally as for the business.


B-Talks by Leen – Joe Kenner, CEO Greyston

Joe Kenner is CEO from the New York based B Corp Greyston. One of the first B Corps in the US. Joe joined Greyston in 2018. His innovative leadership, experience, and ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders ensures that they deliver the best services possible to southwest Yonkers. In this podcast Leen Zevenbergen and Joe Kenner will talk about the effect of the corona crisis on Greyston bakeries, on the lives of its employees and how the unique concept of “open hiring”, that was introduced by Greyston, helps them through the crisis.

B-Talks by Leen – Soledad Lama, Comaco 

Soledad Lama from the Chilean company Comaco is a very enthusiastic Chilean entrepreneur who ‘’inherited’’ her company from her father and is building it into a thriving B Corp. She is by many seen as a role model for Chilean people. Soledad and Leen spoke about the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in Chile, how she is handling that in her company and what effects she thinks this has on young millennials in her country Chile.

B-Talks by Leen – Sofia de Meyer, Opaline

This B-Talk is with Sofia de Meyer, founder and CEO of the Swiss B Corp Opaline. Opaline produces pure fruit juice, directly from farmers in Switzerland to the market. Sofia talks about the current crisis and the effects it has upon her life and business.

B-Talks by Leen – Francesco Mondora, Mondora

Francesco Mondora, an Italian sustainable entrepreneur and B Corp Leader, speaks about his company Mondora, his organic farming activities and his partnership with the Pope in the famous project “The Economy of Francesco”.

B-Talks by Leen – Robert Eden, Chateau Maris

The B-Talk with Robert Eden, founder of Chateau Maris in the South of France, is exceptional. Robert is an expert of the soil as the core ingredient of our food and of our lives. He is a very active B Corp, with a strong view on necessary interdependence.

B-Talks by Leen – Mele-Ane Havea, Small Giants 

This B-Talk gives a fabulous insight into the Australian view of the current challenges we are going through and Mele-Ane Havea from Small Giants gives us a superb view on the hope that she sees in the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

B-Talks by Leen – Rosie Brown, COOK

Rosie Brown, one of the leaders from the UK B Corp COOK, is a passionate supporter of the human element in a company. COOK does not have employees but team members that have given the company an immense support in these challenging times. Rosie came from a family of three talented brothers, one of which was the founder of COOK, and another was the founder of B Lab UK. Rosie found her way and passion in the great work she has been and is doing at the food company COOK, which grew over the past 20 years from 80 to 1200 team members.

B-Talks by Leen – Elizabeth Soubelet, Squiz

Elizabeth Soubelet is a French entrepreneur with her roots in Texas. Moved to Paris some 20 years ago, where she and her husband created Ma bonne etoile, which means my lucky star. Because she was always busy with her 5 children, feeding them fruit in little plastic patches was not very environmentally friendly. So she invented a product called Squiz, which can hold little portions of fruit in a complete circular way.

Elizabeth has a very optimistic and definitely energetic view on the future, which becomes very clear in this B-Talk.

Just recently Elizabeth became a Board member of B Lab France, where she takes care of the small and mid-size companies. Definitely worth listening!