Waar spreek ik over

Met gemiddeld zo’n honderdvijtig keynotes per jaar, heeft Leen Zevenbergen in de afgelopen 15 tot 20 jaar circa 1000 keer met een publiek gewerkt.
Leen neemt zijn publiek mee naar een toekomst die onvoorstelbaar lijkt, maar er sneller is dan je denkt. Wat zijn de kenmerken van de organisatie van de toekomst en hoe verbinden we onze bedrijven, instellingen en vooral onszelf met de aandienende toekomst.

De keynotes van Leen zijn te verdelen in vijf Thema’s; Once upon a Future, Bleeding-edge Technologie, Ondernemen met Impact, het SDG-kompas en Startups met betekenis. Al deze thema’s zijn gebaseerd op de ruime ervaring van Leen op deze gebieden. En elk Thema kent een aantal keynotes waarvan er sommigen zeer populair zijn.

Top 10 best scorende keynotes

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Bleeding-edge Technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology is fundamentally changing our world. And also at a fast pace. In fact, at an accelerating pace. With all kinds of positive and negative effects. Artificial Intelligence, sometimes called the mother of all computer technology, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Nano and Genetics are fields that reach and influence all parts of our world.
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The SDG Compass and B Corps

For the next 10 years, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) will be central to the thinking of most companies, organizations and countries. It is no longer a question of which direction we should go, the compass has been determined. Almost all countries in the world have confirmed this. But what now? How do we convey those goals in our products and services, in the minds of our employees and customers. Should we become a B Corp and what the hell is that? In short, many challenges and also fun issues on our path.
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Once Upon a Future

A beautiful and exciting new world is coming. Turned on by three major disruptors; exponentially accelerating technology, exponentially changing ecology and globalization. Leading to massive changes in healthcare, education, leadership, nutrition and capitalism.
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Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Impact

There are many misunderstandings about Impact, but when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship we mean that the organization has a positive meaning for the world. Whereas in the past, and now often in the Anglo-Saxon Model, it was all about money, now it is about the interests of all those involved, all stakeholders. Slowly but surely it is becoming clear that a one-sided focus on results does not lead to an inspiring and long-term oriented organization.
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Start-ups that make sense

Every minute a business is started somewhere in the world. All based on passionate plans and a certainty of success. Because an entrepreneur always starts with an overdose of energy and 100 percent confidence. But more and more entrepreneurs start from a passion to improve the world. Or they start from an irritation or anger that something is not right. Anger, anger, about injustice or inaccuracy often leads to great success. Because there is a lot of energy behind it. And you need tons of energy to succeed with your business.